Sunday, February 3, 2013


The National Environment Centre (NEC) is a campus of TAFE NSW Riverina Institute located at Thurgoona near Albury on the NSW border with Victoria.

The NEC runs courses in Permaculture and a Diploma of Agriculture (Organic Production), (course details here)as well as an organic farming / permaculture internship.

Industry Links include:

The NEC has an organic farm which runs African Fat-tail sheep and pigs, as well as olives, bees, and vegetables which are sold at the Hume Murray Foodbowl Farmers Market every second Saturday.
They also plan to supply the Wangaratta markets and Rutherglen markets (as well as the Canberra and Melbourne markets - on special occasions).

Joel Salatin is internationally respected for his farm's innovative, integrated animal systems. Following on from his previous Australian tours, Joel now returns ready to explain in detail how to replicate some of Polyface Farm's most successful livestock systems

Joel Salatin is a Virginian-based sustainable farmer. He is giving a series of talks in Kiama NSW, Feb 17-19. There is a video of Joel Salatin here.

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