Monday, February 4, 2013

Milkwood Permaculture

Milkwood provides world-class education in Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture. Courses are run at Milkwood Farm near Mudgee, in the center of Sydney and around Australia.

The major course they run is a Milkwood Permaculture Design Certificate, which provides a grounding in Permaculture design and theory. This runs for two weeks and costs approx $1700. certificate is recognized by the Permaculture Institute of Australia (which als The o runs courses- ten weeks - $6,600). Graduates may then progress towards a Diploma in Permaculture if they wish. The Milkwood course covers the 14 chapters of Bill Mollison's Permaculture: A Designers Manual.

The Course is being run in Sydney: Jun 29 2013 - Jul 12 2013.

Outside course hours there's optional hands-on workshops to help get you skilled up in urban permaculture skills, including composting, worm farming, aquaponics and more. We also take students on multiple site tours of some of Sydney's best and most inspiring permaculture systems.

Wormfarm poster from Afristar Foundation

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