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Soundwalk Collective

Recordings from Berghain, Berlin, 2012
Over the past ten years, Soundwalk Collective has won international recognition for their work of abstracting and re-composing narrative sound pieces through fragments of reality, and by forging evocative journeys in sound that are exhibited in the form of sound installation and performance.
During the month of April 2012 the Collective was given access to the club and the sound systems of Berghain and Panoramabar, 4 days during daytime, and 1 weekend during the regular events.
The Collective prepared a selection of frequencies and rhythm patterns that were used to make each part of the building vibrate.
By sending frequency sweeps to the sound system, at a volume between 98dB SPL and 108 dB SPL, each interior surface of the building reacted by filtering the sound and producing new harmonics, vibrations and textures, that are normally unheard by the human ear.

Sounwalk Collective live performance of MEDEA during Lille Fantastique festival, october 2012. France.
Performed inside an old boat, with 8 tape machines, 12 TV sets, 6 hands, 6 ears, 1 mixer, 100s of tape loops.
Filmed and edited by Dasha Redkina.

Recordings from the Mediterranean Sea 2009-2011

In the Fall of 2009 the Soundwalk collective embarked aboard an old gaff rigged sailboat equipped with scanners and aerial antennae for a sound odyssey recording the hertzian frequencies along the shores of the Mediterranean basin. Soundwalk continuously scanned and recorded all possible radio interceptions over a range of 40 miles around the boat while close to shore and far out at sea.

he 1500 hours of sonic material recorded captures the essence of the Mediterranean coasts: conversations of Libyan fishermen on Greek cargo ships, passing yachts on the Corsican coast, customs officers off the Bay of Naples, voices and whispers, excerpts of music, distant radio noises and morse code communication. The resulting work is resonant of Homer's Odyssey in the form of a sonic fresco totaling 24 hours.

The performance consists of a live onstage sound composition during which the originally recorded material is manipulated in real-time accompanied by live synchronized video projection(s). The resulting experience is an immersive environment produced live by musicians and new media artists who reinvent and excite the raw material using turntables, laptops, and other customized media and sound objects.

Sydney-Melbourne - by plane and bike


T1 International Terminal

At T1 International Terminal bicycle racks are located at both ends of the terminal building. To view a map indicating the location of these bicycle racks please refer to the T1 International Bike Rack Map. 
There are publicly accessible shower facilities located within T1 International Terminal.

T2 and T3 Domestic Terminals
At T2 and T3 Domestic Terminals undercover bicycle racks are centrally located at 5th Street adjacent to the public pick-up area. To view a map indicating the location of the T2 and T3 bicycle racks please refer to the Domestic Bike Rack Location Map.

Useful links

  • SydneyCycleways provides cycling route maps and information about cycling in Sydney, including safety advice.
  • The City Of Sydney website includes information and resources about the cities bicycle network, free cycling classes and news.
  • OpenCycleMap is a large collection of cycling routes created by the community.

Designated bicycle racks are located on the ground level of the short term airport car park

Bike and train

Follow the cycle path route to Moonee Ponds Creek. Once on the bike path, the first bridge you go under is Pascoe Vale Road. Pascoe Vale station is just here, on the other side of the creek. Bikes are allowed on trains (except during peak hours). The train will take you to all major stations in the city. A zone 1, two-hour ticket costs $3.20. represents electronic music from Romania, Moscow, Bulgaria, Berlin, Italy, France, London - the European underground.

The site mostly promotes new 12" vinyl releases from labels that often don't appear in major online retail outlets (Juno, Beatport, Boomkat, Honest Jons etc). Only are few are available digitally.

Here are links to some of the podcasts represented by

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Some recent electronic music records

These records are recommendations from Ron Morelli, the man behind New York label L.I.E.S (Long Island Electrical Systems). L.I.E.S was voted "best record label of 2012" by British online record retailer Juno. The interview with Morelli was published here, in November 2012.

v/a American Noise, LIES 017
ATorn Hawk This Is Crime & Lace
B1Marcos Cabral Tio Rico
B2Delroy Edwards Feelings

DJ Sotofett ‎– Pulehouse

Wania ‎– WANIA 97
Y1Pulehouse (Reggi-Mix)
W1Stå Opp Med Sola (Chiang Mai Versjon)
W2Åsså Med Den Derre Fløyta (Video Bootleg Med Den Elektriske Fløyta)

Function Vs Jerome Sydenham ‎– White Light (Remixes)

A1White Light (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
Remix – Planetary Assault Systems
A2White Light (Silent Servant Remix)
Remix – Silent Servant
BDrift (Xhin Remix)

D. J. Rush, Reactor

from D.J. Rush ‎– Childs Play LP, Dance Mania ‎– DM 042, 1991.

A1Childs Play
B2The Reactor
B3Over The Edge