Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bananas and Snackfoods

These advertisements were launched in August 2009 as the snackfood and advertising industries awaited the outcome of the National Preventative Health Taskforce's recommendations for addressing obesity.

The campaign was developed by David Chenu, domestic marketing manager for Horticulture Australia (HAL), an industry owned rural research and development corporation (RDC) for the Australian horticulture sector. HAL’s purpose is to be accountable for the efficient and effective investment of industry and government funds in R&D and industry investment in marketing. HAL’s funding is derived from a combination of statutory industry levies (from growers for R&D and marketing), voluntary contributions (from grower associations, commercial enterprises, researchers and individuals), and Australian Government matching funds for eligible R&D, as well as other sources such as royalties and investments.
Prior to working with Horticulture Australia Chenu worked with Beef & Lamb, Tasmanian Salmon and in the ‘90s he worked at CSR on the extremely successful, Natural Part of Life campaign for the Sugar Industry (1990s). Other progams he has contributed to include: Iron and Lean Beef for Meat Standards Australia MSA) and Trim Lamb. (See also MSA's Australia Day Lamb advertisements featuring Sam Kekovich).
The banana campaign was created by retail agency Eleven Communications. Director of creative strategy Jonathan McCauley said it was designed to leverage public concern over rising obesity levels.

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