Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Company Research

The State Libraray of Victoria has a page called "Companies in Australia".
There are a variety of suggestions here. The best ones include:
Morningstar DatAnalysis
Aspect Financial Pty Ltd
Date range: 1989 to current
What: online database
Where: Available from all workstations at SLV Swanston Street
Output: Read on screen, print from workstation, download text, csv, and pdf files
Extensive information on ASX listed and delisted companies. Content incudes each company's annual reports, quarterly and half-yearly reports, all company announcements, financial statements, director statements, business summary, company, operational and dividend history, listing details, descriptions of capital table, capital history, top and substantial shareholders, distribution of shareholders, directors interests, controlled entities, segment performance, and 10-year financial statements. Excellent source of prospectuses in pdf format. Now includes history for share prices, market capitalisation and shares on issue. Daily data is available from 1 January 2000. Month end data is available from January 1988.

ASX Company Announcements Collection, 1980-1996

bibliography - Check List of Australian Business Histories and Biographies of Businessmen published in Business Archives and History in Volume III, No 1, February 1963, pp 119-137

A key resource seems to be the "Guide to Australian Business Records"
Date range: 19th and 20th centuries
What: Website listing records of archival holdings and published histories of Australian businesses, people and industry bodies. Includes links to other sources of business archives.
This had its antecedants in"
The bibliography - Check List of Australian Business Histories and Biographies of Businessmen published in Business Archives and History in Volume III, No 1, February 1963, pp 119-137.
Julie Marshall and Richard Trahair, A checklist of biographies of Australian businessmen, published by La Trobe University Library, 1980.
The National Archives of Australia, the University of Melbourne Archives and the Noel Butlin Archives Centre, have all supported.
D. Terwiel, S. P. Ville and G. A. Fleming,Australian Business Records: An Archival Guide Canberra : Australian National University, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, Dept. of Economic History, 1998.

University of Melbourne Archives collections
Finding Aids
You can also browse the catalogue bu person or business.
The librarty has a good section on engineering.

 Noel Butlin Archives
Map Catalogue

The Economic History Soceity of Australia and New Zealand
Publishes the Australian Economic History Review.

There is an Australian Mining History Association

 National Library
Guide to selected Collections:
 Petherick Collection
About 15,000 books and pamphlets. The great strength of the collection is in Pacific voyages and early Australiana with many very rare items. Also manuscripts including papers of Joseph Banks, maps and pictures.
Tooley Collection
1277 charts and maps dating from the 16th to the late 19th centuries. They include maps of the Pacific and New Zealand as well as Australia.
The "Browse by State" button is quite useful.
The NLA has an "Index to the Historical Records of Australia: 1788-1848".

There is a page on Government Gazettes
The State Library of Victoria has online images of every page of the New South Wales Government Gazette 1836 - 1851 (provided from the collection of the State Library of New South Wales).

The Pacific Manuscripts Bureau is an intersting resource.
There are some interesting references in its Printed Publications records.
There is also a Pacific Research Collections (PRC), with some finding aids.

For "Recent Government Publications" see the huge lists published by Libraries Australia.

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