Thursday, November 22, 2012

Digital Humanities References, Guides, Sources and Tools

Here's a recent post about "What do you do if you’re curious about DH but aren’t at a school with a DH program" published on the American Studies Association site.

The University of North Carolina Digital Innovation Lab, lists a series of tools.

There are a number of good links here including The Programming Historian, a set of programming lessons that are designed to be relevant to humanists. This is a series of tutorials that starts off with some gentle programming.

The Journal of the Digital Humanities has a good Getting Started page with lots of links, including to the "Spatial Humanities" page. This includes a list of Spatial Humanities Projects, which includes, in turn, the David Rumsey Map Collection, the Newberry Library Map Collection.

Those interested in mapping should consult the mapping tools provided at Bamboo Dirt.

There's also a CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide, which includes Sample projects, some reading, hot topics, blogs, journals, conferences,tools and methods, syllabi, etc. See also "Getting Started in the Digital Humanities" here.

For training etc, the Digital Humanities Sumer Institute at Victoira Uni, British Columbia, has Scholarships, CCI Winter School Applications are open (Brisbane) and the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media have Digital History Research Awards for students entering the History and Art History doctoral program. Those interested should also check out the blog of Dan Cohen, Director of the Centre.

For reading:
Consult the "Critical Senses" reading list on Delicious.

 from #NDF2012 provided a list of tools, as did Tim Sherratt (@wragge).

There are discussions abut Syllabi here and here (Hacking History).
See also the "Social Network Analysis" course on Coursera. There are some discussion related to that course here.

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